Oleg Prudius


 285 lbs.
 The Iron Curtain
 WWE Tag Team Champion; 2005 USA Open World Heavyweight Sambo Champion; United States Kickboxing Association International Heavyweight Grappling Champion; former member of Ukranian national American football team

From Russia, With Love may be a classic film in the 007series, but it certainly wasn't a phrase one would use to describe the bruiser known as Vladimir Kozlov.


A hulking 6-foot-6, 285-pounder, the aggressive Kozlov was dangerous both inside and outside of the ring. Trained in several different fighting styles — including Sambo, Judo and kickboxing — the Russian Superstar was a brutal, no-nonsense assassin once he stepped between the ropes. All business in the ring, The Moscow Mauler punished opponents with his vicious style and little emotion.


Prior to his stint in WWE, Kozlov was quite successful in his chosen disciplines. He was a former U.S. Open Heavyweight Sambo Champion and U.S. Kickboxing Association International Grappling Champion, as well as a former member of the Ukrainian national football team.

After a successful career with WWE, Prudius set his site on Hollywood, knowing that his skills and charisma are perfectly suited for the big and small screen.


He partnered with award winning  producer/director Bernard Salzman and opened Quasar Entertainment, a full service production company.

His determination paid off – Prudius landed a role in the feature film “John Wick” opposite Keanu Reeves, followed by a leading role in the action packed feature film “Echo 9” that he is also a producer on, to start production in July 2016.  His next project is “Fast and furious 8”.


Prudius has joined the world renown stunt team 87 Eleven,  becoming one of their favorite team members due to his skills and attitude.

His next projects include the film projects Arm, Alphonse Capone – The true story and the Moscow Mauler.

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Relevant Accomplishments




USA – Heavy Weight National Sambo Champion

US Open –World Heavyweight Sambo Champion

OVW – World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion

WWE – Heavyweight World Tag Team Champion

USKBA – Heavyweight Grapling Champion

WWE – Slammy Award for Breakout Star of the Year




25th hour (Spike Lee)      Principal                          Disney

The Wire                         Principal                          HBO

The Hack                         Principal                          CBS

The Producers                 Principal                          Paramount Pictures


Grindhouse                      Principal                         Dimension Films

WWE(RAW)                      Vladimir Kozlov               USA Channel

WWE(ECW)                      Vladimir Kozlov               SyFy

WWE(SmackDown)           Vladimir Kozlov               My Network TV

WWE(NXT)                       Vladimir Kozlov               Eurosport

Survivor Series                 Vladimir Kozlov               Pay Per View

Royal Rumble                   Vladimir Kozlov               Pay Per View

Armageddon                    Vladimir Kozlov               Pay Per View

No Way Out                     Vladimir Kozlov               Pay Per View

(Elimination Chamber)


Oleg’s worldwide reputation and  connections in the world of sports make him a valuable contributor to the company’s creative team. 



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