Quasar Entertainment is an award winning full service production company.

We have collaborated on over 150 film and TV projects for

Universal, Disney, Fox, ABC,  CBS, HBO, Showtime and others. 


Award winning writer/producer/director Bernard Salzman the company’s president,  brings  his more than 35 year experience in film and TV. He was awarded an EMMY nomination, a Gold Telly Award,  2 Best Cinematography  Awards and a SHINE Media Award.


Former WWE heavy weight world champion Oleg Prudius AKA Vladimir Kozlov  is the company’s vice president. Mr. Prudius is in charge of development of the Sports programing division. 


Yaroslav Bykov

Mr. Bykov brings his vast award winning experience in publishing, media and advertising to the company.  


Quasar Entertainment is involved in the production of films, TV movies, commercials, documentaries and music videos, utilizing the latest technologies.


The company has recently formed a special division dedicated to the production of 3D content – 3D Global Content Solutions (films, commercials, music videos and documentaries).

Quasar Entertainment has entered into an agreement with  3doo, the largest global distributor for 3D content in over 185 countries.  


A world-renowned video production company 
dedicated to the creation of compelling visual content
for entertainment endeavors.


Quasar Entertainment
Tel:      305 467 1607
Fax:     305 467 1607



Our work speaks for itself! 

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